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Species Specifically Designed & Computer Balanced
Rotating Parrot Play Tree - Hanging Gym
Case studies proven to either reduce or totally eliminate feather picking in captive parrots not suffering from any physical illness

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Top Quality Parrot Gymnasiums at "Affordable" prices!
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:Species Specifically Designed & Computer Balanced
:Can be used indoors or outdoors
:Weather Resistant - ideal for use on patio
:Lightweight, yet virtually indestructible
:Precisely Ridged Orthopedic Branches
:Two 1/2 pint 'Lock-in-Place' Stainless Steel Foraging Bowls
:Entire Gym Wipes Clean and Drys Instantly!
:No assembly required!!

The Rotating Parrot Play Tree you order on will be "species specifically designed and computer balanced" for your particular type of parrot/s and can be designed for up to three different species of parrot/s requested, with the exception of Macaws and Moluccan Cockatoos, regardless of size! These two species will require the Rainforest Tree, which is the ex-Lg version of the Rotating Parrot Play Tree.

The size and dimentions of this particular model, as depicted in the graphics, is shown for parrots the size of African Grey, Amazon, Eclectus, and up to Umbrella sized Cockatoos only!

Please note that if you order this model for small or medium sized birds such as Parrotlet, Conures, Cockatiel, Indian Ringneck Parakeets, Senegal, Hahn's macaw, Quaker parrots, etc., that the spacing of the branches will be closer together than depicted in the graphics with the large parrots, but it will be the same incredible design. Lightweight, yet virtually instructible for aforementioned species of parrots, there is no need to install anchors or bolts, provided that you have inserted eyehook securely, and there is no drilling, nor tools required to install.
Simply tap, then 'hand-screw' secured eyehook (which will be provided) into ceiling or any other overhead position you wish, just as you would a large house plant, and attach to the clasp located directly above what is called the Parrots Peak, which is a 'built-in' ceiling protector. It's that simple!
The video footage provided on this listing page will allow potential buyers, prior to purchase, to view just how gracefully and 'naturally' parrots are able to climb and maneuver about the entire gym, even when in full motion!

Your gym will have been individually hand sculpted by an expert team of engineers and then "computer balanced" according to the average weight/ measurements (in general) of that particular species...be it Amazons, or African Grey parrots.
The measurements of the 'Rotating Parrot Play Tree' you purchase ( meaning the size of the play area) will be the same as is stated on the description page, and depicted in these graphics, and can be designed for up to 'three' individual species of parrots you request.
Due to the nature of these products, which are actual 'parrot gymnasiums', not typical parrot stands, correct species information is of the utmost importance. You do not need to provide your parrots personal weight/measurements, however, we do ask that you either make note on your PayPal payment page, or e-mail directly after submitting payment, regarding the species of parrot/s you are purchasing this item for.

Made to simulate the twisted vines and branches of the trees found in your parrot's natural habitat, precisely ridged multidimensional footholds are circumfused and grafted into the base of the tree-top.
The perches are somewhat flexible, much like the tree limbs that would be found in your parrots natural habitat, and the multidimensional footholds will provide your feathered friends with optimal foot comfort and exercise.
The grafted branches are 'orthopedically designed and precisely ridged' to ensure an easy grasp, and they "wipe clean and dry instantly" with a warm cloth, or a few paper towels!
The wood-grain appearence is created via the three stage molecular process, without the use of any dye, stains, or chemicals, and the materials used are 100% parrot safe. The branches have been 'hand-grafted' into irregularly shaped limbs in order to stimulate the muscles in your parrots' feet, thereby preventing leg cramping and foot sores, a common ailment in captive parrots.

The Rotating Parrot Play Tree comes COMPLETELY assembled and includes two lengths of premium sisal rope for preening, along with two 1/2 pint 'lock-in-place' stainless steel food & water bowls, which are designed without the use of any bolts or screws, so that even the most clever of parrots will not be able to remove! The play area offers the beautiful appearence of "natural wood" branches, without the pitfalls of having to scrub daily... steam-vac, etc., in order to remove dried fecal matter and splattered food dropings, which promote the growth of bacteria and clammydia.
The size of the Rotating Parrot Play Tree measures approximately 3' 10" from top of the Parrots Peak to the bottom of J-swing and the play area measures approximately 20"x20"x20"
3 Yr. Quality Guarantee Parrot Safe
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